Rates and Policies

To set up lesson at Music City Strings Academy, please go to their website and use their contact form. I like to meet with parents before embarking on lessons in order to get on the same page about makeup policies and expectations.

Parents are an important part of lessons and the practice week, especially with elementary school-aged students. The following is only for my adult students: While I believe weekly lessons are the best way to develop on the cello, if tricky finances or schedules make that too difficult, I’m happy to make cello work with your circumstances. Some cello is better than none!

Payment Policy:

For my home studio in East Nashville, tuition will be the same every month, including in the summer, and is due by the 10th. If it’s late, there will be a $20 late fee. If you don’t have a lesson prior to the 10th, you or your bank need to mail me a check or pay me through Venmo or Zelle. Setting up AutoPay with your bank is the easiest way to avoid the late fee. From September to August, there are 44 weeks of lessons. I adhere to the breaks of the Williamson County School calendar. Those are already deducted from the total number of weeks as is my regular end-of-summer break and a week in July for my regular summer training. Please email for the monthly tuition. If you want lessons beyond what’s scheduled during the school year, it will cost the regular $45/$55/$65/$75 for 30/45/hour/75.

Payment Procedure

I accept cash, Venmo, Zelle, or check. Please make checks payable to Meg Risso. If you’re paying after the 10th, please include a $20 late fee to your payment.

Make-Up Policy

If you miss a lesson due to illness or an emergency, I will try to make it up as time allows. If you miss a lesson due to vacation, after school activities, feeling tired, or not practicing, I won’t make it up. I am happy for you to switch with another student if it works for both of your schedules.

Once a semester, if I have an emergency or illness, I will cancel lessons for that day and not offer make up lessons. If it happens more than once during a semester, I will do make up lessons if possible.